While it’s easy to grab for the goldfish or doll out a donut at snack time, healthy options grow healthy kids; mind, body, and soul. Plus, cooking can be a collaborative adventure, allowing even our tiniest chefs a chance to join in on the creative fun. Here are 32 amazing options to help invigorate your inner Julia Child while appealing to your sweet child’s “discriminating” palate. From healthy breakfast muffins to jam cracker cheesecake bites, these recipes will surely have the family clamoring for more. What we love about this particular collection is that they are big on taste and on ease, allowing us to feel like Pinterest Parents without committing to hours of effort. (Definitely try the microwave potato chips, they were truly ready in five minutes and are the ultimate salty snacking treat!) http://www.parenting.com/gallery/healthy-kids-snacks?page=10

Marie Occhiogrosso, Guest Blogger for Elementary Connections