1. Learning experience outside of school!

Learn how to drive machines that you and your child would not operate otherwise. Their instructors explain the controls before you are let loose on a course to try out your newly learned skills. Diggerland offers eight different machines that guests are able to ride or drive! And even if you’ve been to Diggerland before, there are three new rides for you to try out!

2. Keeps minds active!

The Mini Diggers allow guests to operate excavators while digging for treasure, knocking down pins, or moving ducks. These may sound easy, but not when you are controlling over two tons of steel. Kids can also use their problem solving skills at the ropes course or rock wall where they need to think about their next move to get to the top!

3. Gets you outside!

It is scientifically proven that being outside is beneficial to your health. On those days off from school for spring break, making sure you are getting fresh air is important! Take advantage of the outside fun Diggerland offers! However, March and April weather can be unpredictable, so make sure to check the forecast before coming out.

4. Fun for the whole family! 

Both children and adults are sure to enjoy what Diggerland has to offer. From modified machines made into theme park rides to construction equipment kids and parents can drive themselves, the whole family will have fun at Diggerland!

Diggerland USA is the only construction themed adventure park in North America where children and families can drive, ride and operate ACTUAL machinery. The park covers about 21 acres in West Berlin, NJ, just 20 minutes from Philadelphia. For more information and to plan your visit, go to https://www.diggerlandusa.com/