It’s finally feeling like summer is officially here. Celebrate with a classic summer movie! Whether you set up a fun watch party in the backyard (Here’s one of many DIY versions you can try) or want to enjoy some needed downtime after a day of work or outdoor fun, we’ve rounded up a great list of 5 classic summer films and the perfect summer cocktails to go with them. Some you may have seen too many times to count, others may have been under your radar, but either way these are films you will enjoy watching, with a perfect drink pairing to go along, of course!

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Now and Then
Available On: Amazon Prime
The Highlights: four life-long friends gather in their hometown and share their memories about the unforgettable summer of 1970
Drink Pairing: boozy sour watermelon slushies

Available On: Amazon Prime
The Highlights: classic musical about high school seniors in the 1950s
Drink Pairing: Greased Lightning

Dirty Dancing
Available On: Hulu
The Highlights: 1960s coming of age story about a young woman at a sleepy Catskills summer resort as she’s enlisted as a partner to the resort’s resident dance instructor
Drink Pairing: Thyme of Your Life

Something’s Gotta Give
Available On: Hulu
The Highlights: an aging womanizer fall for his girl friend’s age-appropriate mother as he recovers from a heart attack at her home in the Hamptons
Drink Pairing: Manhattan

The Parent Trap
Available On: Disney+
The Highlights: identical twins meet for the first time while away at summer camp; they decide to switch places a the end of the summer and reunite their divorced parents
Drink Pairing: any Napa Valley cabernet you prefer