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Where to Watch Exciting and Affordable Collegiate Sports this Spring

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Just for Fun!, Outdoor, Sports, Spring

Spring is officially here, and since the days are now longer (think, more daylight!) and the weather is working its way to the  warmer side, it is time to go watch accessible and affordable collegiate sports as a fun family activity. Who doesn’t enjoy watching baseball and softball players run around the bases on a pristine diamond or observing the FOGO (Face Off Get Off) match-up between two steady lacrosse players? And don’t forget about the action at track and field events, tennis matches, or crew regattas.

The good news is you do not have to take your family far or spend a ton to enjoy spectacular talent basically in your backyard. Since the seasons have just gotten underway, there is plenty of time and opportunity to watch the talents of local players at the collegiate level compete. 

Diamonds in the Rough:  Baseball and Softball

Baseball has always been America’s favorite pastime with its laid back vibe and traditions; heck, it even has its own song where fans ‘root, root, root, root for the home team!’ While the MLB is just getting underway with the start of the season,  local college players are already in full swing. In the upcoming months, the St. Joe’s Hawks will play other local favorites, the University of Delaware Blue Hens and the Villanova Wildcats.

The women also get a chance to take the field during spring softball season. If you have never witnessed an underhand pitch at average speeds ranging from 58-65 miles per hour, it is time to treat yourself to this amazing feat. Several of the local universities have ladies’ teams including Villanova, West Chester, Cabrini, Penn, and Drexel.

Indigenous Origins:  Lacrosse

Widely popular and competitive for both men and women, lacrosse was first played over 500 years ago by First Nations people, adapting the game along the way to evolve into the fast-paced sport we know today. With its deep roots in our country, it is only fitting that we are surrounded with some stellar level lacrosse teams to witness in action. Most area colleges have both a men’s and women’s team. Here’s where you can find schedules for Haverford, Drexel, St. Joe’s, and Villanova.

Take Me to the River:  Crew 

Seeped in traditions, the history of rowing is embedded in the area’s bones, allowing spectators to marvel at both the strength and form of the rowers as well as the Philadelphia area making its own mark on the map with a host of regattas throughout the year. Several colleges row out of boat houses along the Schuylkill River (famously known as Boathouse Row) including Penn, Drexel, and Temple, to name a few.

Taking Center Court:  Tennis

Nowadays tennis can be played year-round with access to indoor courts, but the real fun begins in the spring when it can be played naturally outdoors. Check out the schedules of local universities like West Chester and Jefferson as some big match-ups are happening in the next few months. Most colleges in the area carry both a men’s and women’s team.

Getting the Runaround:  Track and Field

What fun it is to watch these fine athletes fly around the track in races at various distances, jump to great lengths and heights, and throw weighted objects as far as humanly possible. There is literally something always happening during a track and field meet and the seasons are about to take off with a big leap. Check out the action for both men’s and women’s events at Haverford College, West Chester, Penn, and Villanova for starters.

This is the season to get outdoors and enjoy all that spring sports have to offer. We are lucky to have opportunities to attend accessible and affordable collegiate sports for the family so close to home. Do not miss this opportunity to either attend your favorite sport or introduce your family to a new one. You are guaranteed to witness stellar performances from committed student athletes. Check the sports tabs on the websites of your favorite local colleges and universities to see what is happening and when.  

Enjoy the action and prepare to be amazed by the talents of these local collegiate athletes. If your kids get inspired to try a sport, see our directory of local sports leagues and teams for kids.