What to Read: Book Reviews

Welcome to What to Read by Elementary Connections. I’m Samantha Goodman, a former bookseller with a passion for helping people find the perfect way to unwind. I’ve teamed up with my friends at Elementary Connections to give you some respite from the craziness of life under quarantine. Each week, we’ll recommend books with suggested drink pairings for each title.

The Highlights: Daisy Jones was a Hollywood It Girl turned musical sensation. Billy Dunne was the front man of The Six. Their realtionship demise is revealed decades later.

Drink Pairing: Jack and Coke

Another brilliant novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid (she also wrote The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which I reviewed last month). Told from alternating perspectives in an interview format, this tale of rock n’ roll in the 70s was everything I’d hoped for and more.  Daisy Jones was a…

The Highlights: Connell and Marianne are classmates who are, on the surface at least, very unalike.

Drink Pairing: Strongbow Cider

I was definitely late to the party with this one, particularly once the Hulu mini series debuted in the spring. But, in my defense, I didn’t want to watch the show until I had read the book, and I only just got around to doing that 2 weeks ago….

The Highlights: Young American actress Rosemary Hoyt is vacationing on the French Riviera and meets expats Dick and Nicole Diver.

Drink Pairing: champagne

To quote my girl T. Swift, this story is “sad, beautiful, tragic” (Red, 2012). It was Fitzgerald’s fourth and final novel (he died at age 44 of a heart attack while writing The Last Tycoon), and it’s one of my all time favorite books. It was very well received…

The Highlights: A young woman in a small town takes a job as the companion to an ornery quadriplegic man with life-altering consequences

Drink Pairing: Pimm's Cup

Review: This is one of my favorite books ever. I truly don’t have the words to accurately describe how much I truly adore the story of Lou Clark and Will Traynor, two complete opposites who realize just how much they need one another in order to heal from the traumas they…

The Highlights: A librarian and his artist wife have an epic romance that endures the test of time

Drink Pairing: Chardonnay

Review: Talk about a real tearjerker! I cried for days after I read this. Days! Henry is normal in many ways, except for the fact that he’s a time traveler. His wife, Clare, is not a traveler, but she’s known since she was a little girl that Henry would…