What to Read: Book Reviews

Welcome to What to Read by Elementary Connections. I’m Samantha Goodman, a former bookseller with a passion for helping people find the perfect way to unwind. I’ve teamed up with my friends at Elementary Connections to give you some respite from the craziness of life under quarantine. Each week, we’ll recommend books with suggested drink pairings for each title.

The Highlights: rich housewives in a small suburban town keep secrets from their families and one another in order to protect one of their own after a school even ends with someone dead

Drink Pairing: Chardonnay

Synopsis: You’re probably familiar with the HBO adaptation of this novel. The biggest difference is the setting: where the show is set in Monterey, California, the book takes place in suburban Australia. In both cases, the mothers in town can be just as catty as their children, but when…

The Highlights: teenage cousins spending the summer on their family’s island compound are free to do as they please while the adults struggle to recover from a devastating incident that took place the year previously

Drink Pairing: Corona beer

Synopsis: This YA novel will have you reminiscing on summers past, where the days stretched out endlessly, the nights were filled with bonfires on the beach and parties lasted until sunrise. The central characters in this thriller, the Liars, have a secret they aren’t sharing with you and it…

The Highlights: family hijinks on a private island famous for an unsolved mystery that has intrigued amateur detectives for decades

Drink Pairing: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Synopsis: Sophie was pretty sure Thomas was the one who got away until he suddenly popped back into her life. It turns out that she’s very unexpectedly inherited a home on Scribbly Gum Island previously owned by one of Thomas’s aunts. When she moves into the house she’s immediately…