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Crockpot Connections – A Slow Cooker Thanksgiving

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Fall, Food, Holiday, Parenting

Here we go again… another season is rolling around and we are still stuck inside and our upside-down world has not yet righted itself.  It has been suggested that we keep our Thanksgiving celebrations smaller than usual.  This can mean anything from having to cook dishes you usually assign to others, to having to make less than usual or even having to make more than usual so that you can drop off care packages to friends or relatives. Regardless of which best describes you, your slow cooker can really be your BFF this holiday season. Here are some of the reasons why: 

1. Crockpots let you spend more time living and less time cooking.

It doesn’t matter if you are working, homeschooling or doing both simultaneously – your crockpot is the way to go!  Slow cooker recipes don’t generally have an exact completion time the way oven cooked meals can. You don’t need to hover over your slow cooker and remove the food the minute a timer goes off. They are very forgiving of people who (like me!) are perpetually running late. Newer models even have timers and sensors that automatically switch to warm after a set time or internal temperature is reached. Spend more time with the kids and less over the stove!

2. Slow cooker food travels really well.

Many crockpot models come with locking lids making transportation super easy.  Need to drop stuffing off at Grandma’s? Your slow cooker is the way to go!

3. Crockpots save oven space!

Wondering how you are going to make turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, a veggie and     dessert all at the same time in one oven? You are going to use your crockpot, that’s how!  

4. Slow cooker meals make great family projects.

Get the kids involved!  Cooking in a slow cooker is a great family activity. Slow cookers heat up very slowly and are generally not turned on until all ingredients are in and ready to go. This makes them safer for kids than a stove top or oven. Measuring, mixing, reading and following instructions….all make for great family fun and learning experiences!

Thanksgiving Classics In A Crockpot

Not sure what to make??  Or how??  We have you covered!  Following are our favorite, easy-to-make crockpot holiday classics.  Who knows, you may just pick up some new holiday traditions along the way.

StuffingCrockpot Stuffing

Easy crockpot stuffing filled with cubes of bread paired with just the right seasonings, celery and onion.



Sweet PotatoCandied Sweet Potato

Two fabulous slow cooker sweet potato casseroles that you will want to serve on your holiday table, but are easy enough to make on a regular basis.  




Pumpkin Pie Spiced Snack Mix

Delicious and easy pumpkin pie snack mix, gluten and dairy free options. A crunchy, sweet and lightly salty treat!




Pecan Pie

This easy crockpot version of everyone’s favorite pecan pie is a real crowd-pleaser! Gooey, sweet and nut filled, this treat will not disappoint!






Slow cooker turkey off the bone is a great, all natural way to roast amazing turkey breast. Makes great sandwiches – both hot and cold!




Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This easy and delicious side dish is perfect with any entree. Shaved Brussels sprouts coated in garlic and grated Parmesan cheese then slow roasted to perfection. Don’t expect leftovers!



Happy Thanksgiving to our Elementary Connections Family!

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