AIM Summer Enrichment Program

The AIM Summer Enrichment Program is a four-week program offering students from local public, private and charter schools the opportunity to reinforce essential skills in reading, writing, comprehension and math in grades 1-12.
Specialized small group instruction by AIM’s highly skilled faculty focuses on each student’s area of need. Students learn in a hands-on environment that builds confidence, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Each summer our Elementary School Program (Grades 1-5) circles the globe and interweaves exploration of various world regions into essential skills instruction (reading comprehension, writing and math). This is a fun and creative way to build skills while enjoying the summer season.
Our Middle School Program (Grades 6-8) will explore the Groovy 60s from the Space Race to Civil Rights. Middle School students will reinforce reading, writing and math skills as they weave space science and history into into this year’s program. Students will also have rotating electives with thematic STEAM and Arts-based projects.

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