Conestoga Youth Wrestling Association

Young people develop at different ages and at different speeds. Our club competes, and does so very successfully, but we consider it to be a developmental program. No wrestler is ever cut from our program, except for the rare discipline problem. Young people have different levels of abilities, both natural and learned. All wrestlers are taught basic skills. Wrestlers showing progress are exposed to as much technique as they can handle. Occasionally, a wrestler absorbs everything we can teach him and becomes a champion, but our coaches get as much gratification from seeing the least accomplished wrestler improve, become competitive and win his first match. Tournaments are seeded, but in arranging duel meet matches experience and ability are considered so that mismatches are avoided. Better wrestlers are given more challenging opponents. It is rare to go undefeated and all wrestlers learn to both win and lost with grace and good sportsmanship.When a wrestler works hard on conditioning , works hard on technique, and frees his wrestling spirit, then that wrestler will be as successful as he possibly can. Wrestling is a demanding sport physically and emotionally, but the rewards of enhanced self-esteem, learned sportsmanship, and physical development – as well as fun – are well worth it.

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