Mission 5 & 2 Powered by Betterball

*Main Line & Delaware County locations
*Half-day, Full-day, Multi-Sport, Sports & Spirituality, and Basketball Camps
Through Mission 5&2, we offer programs that value respect for everyone, starting with a hand shake (5) and eye contact (2). We will offer opportunities for kids to participate in sports providing teachable moments every step along the way about sportsmanship, competition, humility, perseverance, and teamwork. At Mission 5&2, we will offer places and programs where everyone is welcome and where everyone deserves and shares a 5&2! We hold our camps at exceptional facilities and hire a staff of professionals along with college and high school athletes. Our camp is a great setting for beginners but also provides the coaching and court time for an experienced player to work on their game.

Contact Information
P.O. Box 603, Ardmore, PA 19003