Sugartown Strawberries

Sugartown Strawberries is located on Willisbrook Farm, approximately 230 acres in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This is a working farm, and has been in the family since 1896. In 1996, Governor Ridge came to visit and help us celebrate becoming a Pennsylvania Century Farm. The farm has 100 acres of tillable land, 50 acres of pastureland, and 80 acres of woodland. More than 20 horses are boarded on the farm. “Farmer Bob”, as the kids call him, is Robert Lange, who has worked the farm full time since 1987. Never far from Bob is “Happy the Wonder Dog,” the farm’s mascot and general supervisor. Happy will provide you with hours of entertainment chasing rocks—don’t bother bringing tennis balls…strictly rocks! And then there’s Stormy! Stormy is a three-year old black lab I adopted in 2011…she is lovable, constantly looking for food, and big girl who loves everybody (especially when there is food involved.)

Contact Information
650 Sugartown Road • Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355