The Kitchen Workshop

We are The Kitchen Workshop. A hands-on cooking school offering in-depth classes on specific culinary subjects as well as classes in which entire meals will be prepared and eaten. Amateurs and seasoned cooks alike will learn technique and the fundamentals of cooking in order to cook with confidence. We offer a wide range of classes including healthy and low-fat cooking, baking, entertaining, and basic cooking techniques.  Watching recipes demonstrated on television or cooking solo from a cookbook at home can not equal the learning experience of a hands-on cooking class. At The Kitchen Workshop, you have a chance to interact with the instructor and ask questions in class to help you better understand the concepts and techniques of cooking. In class you have the opportunity to use your five senses to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste everything, including the final prepared dishes.  Wonderful things happen in the kitchen! Sure, that’s where the food and drink are, but it is also where people tend to feel more comfortable. Come to The Kitchen Workshop to learn, have fun, and meet others who are passionate in learning about Food, Drink, and Entertaining. See you in class!

Contact Information
21 Plank Ave, Suite 204, Paoli, PA 19301