people-eyes-playing-youngIn school or at home, children are susceptible to keeping within the confines of how they’re used to behaving. Kids create for themselves a persona that they’re comfortable with, and are used to being seen this way by both family and friends. As little as a week away and your child has an opportunity to expand qualities he or she may otherwise feel uneasy about pursuing. At an overnight camp, an apprehensive child may not start his or her experience in such a way simply because the expectation to be wary doesn’t exist. This is an activity that every child can use to build their own independence, enhancing their individuality.

Experiences that are perched outside your family’s ‘comfort window’ are the absolute most rewarding. The first steps are also just as close in proximity, and very simple. Jot down a grocery list of questions or concerns you may have to start with and research online or through friends. Any questions left with unsatisfying answers or left pending altogether should be taken first thing to a camp’s director/s. See if it’s possible to find more than one camp that will satisfy both yourself and your family and with this your child can choose. Choice is the positive beginning to an awesome adventure toward personality development, education, and of course – fun!

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