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How To Create Backyard Family Fun With Exciting Olympic Games

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Just for Fun!, Outdoor, Parenting, Summer

Finally! It is happening! The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are taking place from July 23 to August 8, 2021, so it is time to get your game face on!

We have patiently waited for this piece of history to unfold, and our athletes have persevered by training for another year in anticipation of going for the gold. Now is your opportunity not only to cheer on our athletes but to participate from home by creating your own Summer Olympics. Start with an opening ceremony, move on to fun games and competitions, and finish with medal presentations, all fueled by your children’s imaginations. 

Rings and Medals

Be ‘crafty!’ Pinterest is FULL of wonderful, easy Olympic-themed crafts for kids of all ages. Start by crafting the Olympic Torch, which incidentally has been traveling around Japan since March. From there you can also create the iconic Olympic Rings to keep the symbol alive in your home. The finishing touch to all-things Olympic will be creating the medals to present to your athletes at the end of the week.

Once your kids have set the stage, get the whole family involved. Choose one event per day or save your family Olympics for quality time spent competing on the weekend! 

Let the Games Begin

Now that you have created your accessories for the Games, get creative in your own backyard. First, find the perfect place to display the Olympic Rings. Next, start by using your Olympic Torch for a good old-fashioned relay race. Finish, you guessed it, with the first presentation of the medals. Play our National Anthem to add an emotional touch.

Create an Olympic-Size Event

Take your backyard play set, amp it up with a jump rope, some hoola-hoops, and other ‘obstructions’ to create your own obstacle course for children of all ages. If your kids need some assistance creating an exciting course, American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course is available at Amazon

Embrace your kids taking charge of this family event by having them create a Track and Field Competition complete with long jump, high jump, and/or speed walking. Continue the Olympic Extravaganza with an artful design of a Gymnastics adventure; think balance, cartwheel and going for the gold with a Perfect 10 somersault!

Go Old School

Make the most of games you may already have to keep your Backyard Olympics simple. Try the GoSports Classic Corn Hole; then choose teams to represent different countries.

If you are looking to add a new family game, try Rollers Backyard Game which improves dexterity and precision while having fun with the entire family. This entertaining game  combines horseshoes, bocce ball and outdoor bowling so your children can take the contest to a new level. 

Be Cerebral

Don’t want to work up a sweat? There are games for you! Challenge your children to work as a team to create the perfect DIY Water Wall with supplies you have in your garage. Upon completion, keep the games going with several rounds to see who scores the fastest time.

Embrace the creativity by taking it to the water; encourage the kids to build boats out of popsicle sticks and subsequently race them in a tub of water. Bear flags from the countries of your heritage as your children race their boats across the water’s edge!

This may be the best summer yet to create this kid-centric activity. Not only are you embracing the Olympic tradition but you are creating quality family time during this summer season.

Send us pics of your family’s Backyard Olympics and we may feature it on our Facebook or Instagram page!




First published July 2020, Updated July 2021