What to Watch: Movie/Show Reviews

The Highlights: Will Jack run out of time to convince the authorities of the crime he knows happened?

Drink Pairing: Tito's Sonic

Initially receiving mild interest when released in 1981, this neo-noir thriller now has a cult following. Starring John Travolta as Jack Terry, a movie sound effects technician who inadvertently captures audio evidence of an assassination. What follows is a dark cover-up of the crime while Jack painstakingly works to…

The Highlights: Detective John Book and his witness immerse themselves in the quiet countryside and domestic life of the Amish.

Drink Pairing: Fall Spiced Apple Juice

A dramatic beginning showcases the glorious WWII statue in 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, only to be overshadowed by a young Amish boy witnessing a horrific murder in the rest room. Corrupt cops covering up the murder and their illicit drug dealing cause Detective John Book to become imbedded…

The Highlights: Queen of the South: catch up on this popular series where Teresa Mendoza becomes involved with the member of a drug cartel who subsequently is murdered.

Drink Pairing: Premier Margarita

SYNOPSIS: Now is the perfect time to binge this action drama created around a strong female protagonist; while renewed for a fifth season, production is delayed due to Covid-19 providing time for new fans to get hooked on the rise of Teresa Mendoza. Living in a barrio in Mexico,…