What to Watch: Movie/Show Reviews

The Highlights: Two friends go on a cross-country road trip to return a lost briefcase

Drink Pairing: Champagne

Review: This is the definition of slapstick comedy. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels play two friends driving across the country to return a briefcase to a stranger and get into more hijinks than most people could get into in an entire lifetime. It might not be entirely politically correct, but it’s a classic for a reason….

The Highlights: A spoiled adult son must repeat every grade of school to prove to his father he’s ready to take over the family business

Drink Pairing: A pina colada

Review: This Adam Sandler classic is one of those movies that you love so much you can still quote it years later. Billy Madison is a spoiled, lazy adult with no ambition, but when his father announces that he’ll be leaving the family business to one of his employees, Billy decides to prove to everyone that he’s capable of working hard. In a bid to change his father’s mind, he repeats every grade, Kindergarten through 12th, in a fraction of the time, learning some major life lessons along the way.  …

The Highlights: Two friends get trapped inside a biological experiment for a year with 6 environmental scientists

Review: I have fond memories of watching this with my sisters and cousins when we were kids. When Bud and Doyle manage to get locked in the Bio-Dome, a revolutionary science experiment, they never expected to emerge a year later with a passion for saving the environment. Filled with plenty of crazy antics and great one-liners, this will quickly become a family favorite….

The Highlights: Dr. Frankenstein inherits his famous grandfather’s estate and finds out the rumors may have some truth to them after all

Drink Pairing: The Abby Normal

Review: Watching this Mel Brooks classic starring Gene Wilder should be a right of passage for all kids. When the young Doctor Frankenstein inherits his dead grandfather’s estate in Transylvania, he visits in the hopes of putting to rest the stories of his infamous relative’s attempts to reanimate the dead, but winds up discovering a lot more than he ever anticipated….