Learn how to save money on sports!

Spring is a great time to be active in sports. There are many choices in activities:  baseball/softball lacrosse and golf are among the many sports you can play in the spring. At Play It Again Sports, we sell new and used equipment so you can try these sports for a cheaper price than you can find anywhere else.

Baseball and Softball

If baseball/softball is your sport of choice, you will need to go prepared with certain pieces of

equipment. You will need a glove that fits your hand to make it easier to catch.  An estimated size glove can be determined by your age and the position you play. A child age 7 and under will most likely use a glove between the sizes of 8–10.5.” A child age 8 – 10 years old will most likely use a glove that is between the sizes of 10.5-12.” A child between the ages of 11-13 years old will most likely use a glove that is between the sizes of 11-12.75.” A teenager will use a glove that is between 11.25-13.” Boys playing little league will need a bat marked “USA.” A girl playing softball will need a bat approved for softball. The proper size bat can be determined by the child’s height at how strong he/she is. Other items a player may need are a batting helmet, batting gloves, and cleats. At Play It Again Sports, we have everything you need to play baseball/softball at every age in new and/or used at great prices.


A boy who decides to play lacrosse will need to be suited up with a lot of protective equipment. He will need a lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, a cup/supporter and a mouth guard. He will need a boys lacrosse stick and cleats. For a girl starting lacrosse, she will need goggles approved for lacrosse, a girls lacrosse stick, cleats, and a mouth guard. Optional for girls is a girls lacrosse helmet with goggles attached. At Play It Again Sports, we have everything you need for lacrosse in both new and used at the lowest prices allowed by the manufacturer.


Golf is another great sports for children to try. Sizing of golf clubs is also determined by the child’s height. A child who is 43” tall should get a set where the driver is 32” tall. For a child  44-45” tall, a set with a driver 33” tall should be appropriate. For a child 46-47” tall, a set with a driver 34” tall should work well. At Play It Again Sports, we sell used kids sets as well as individual clubs at great prices.

Starting your child in a new sport should not break the bank. We at Play It Again Sports know how expensive sports can be. We try very hard to make playing sports affordable. We have educated staff who are experienced in the sports they sell. Customer service is our number one priority. Need help starting a new sport?  Come to Play It Again Sports – we will help you get everything you need at prices you can afford!

Play It Again Sports is located at 1004 Lancaster Ave., Berwyn, PA, 19312 and other locations nationwide. Their staff is ready to help you and your child with your spring sports equipment needs. For more information, visit https://www.playitagainsportsberwyn.com/