Is tennis a sport you have considered for your child or want to try it yourself? Elementary Connections asked Frog Hollow Racquet Club’s Director of Tennis, Denard McLendon and Junior Coordinator, Jared Morgan, some common questions players and parents have about tennis.

What is a good age to start playing tennis?

Tennis is a lifelong sport that can be started as early as 3 years old or you could start at 86 years old.  Due to the advancement in the technology of tennis equipment, it has become much easier for anyone to learn to play tennis. The new equipment includes but is not limited to: smaller and lighter racquets, foam and low compression balls, and smaller courts. All of this new equipment is utilized to help people of all ages to learn this wonderful game.

Is tennis a seasonal sport?

Tennis is played year round throughout the world. Depending on where you live, you could play outdoors year round. However, in the Northeastern section of the United States, tennis is played indoors during the fall and winter seasons.

What is tennis camp like and how can it be beneficial?

During the summer is when our players train the most and improve the most! They play for hours throughout the day amongst their friends where they practice their skills, strategies and get to be social, too! Frog Hollow offers camp all summer. Summer camp should be completely customizable to your schedule.  We offer a full range of ways to come to camp – full day, half day, week long, daily, red, orange, green or yellow camps, plus tournament level camp. There are so many options based on your level of availability and the players get so much experience they can’t help but improve!

What are some of the greatest benefits of a child learning to play tennis?

  1. Social experience – ability to meet new friends.
  2. Learn a sport that the ENTIRE family can play together.
  3. Kids increase their physical fitness activity (running, jumping, and other movement).
  4. Improve balance and hand/eye coordination.
  5. Problem solving and goal setting via competition and match play.
  6. Ability to learn to play in both a group and an individual environment.
  7. Learn a skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Tennis a sport you can learn at any age, don’t be afraid to go out there and try it. We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

Frog Hollow Racquet Club is located on 11.5 acres of land in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and is a year-round tennis facility with something for everyone. For more information, visit