Olympic Sport Spotlight: Tennis Q & A with Frog Hollow Racquet Club

The 2024 Summer Olympics kick off this month in Paris and we’re excited to introduce our new blog series featuring local experts offering insight and helpful advice for parents about popular Olympic sports. We recently asked Jared Morgan, Junior Program Director from Frog Hollow Racquet Club to share some of his thoughts on the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics and advice for parents who would like to introduce their kids to tennis. 

Frog Hollow Racquet Club is located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and originated in the early 1800s as a barn and camp. It became a tennis club in 1971 and has been serving area families with everything from individual lessons to tennis summer camps and more! Tennis first appeared as an Olympic sport in 1896 in Athens but was fully accepted in 1988 in Seoul. This summer in Paris, the tennis events start on July 27th.

Q: What is your favorite Olympic event to watch and why? 

A: Tennis! It’s the sport we grew up with! 

Q: Who have been your favorite or most memorable Olympic athletes in your tennis? 

A: There have been so many iconic players throughout the years – we’d have to say Serena and Venus Williams, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi. We also have our very own tennis Olympian on staff, Clement N’Goran

Q: What tennis athletes are you most excited to watch and cheer for this summer in Paris? 

A: We are excited for Coco Gauff and Tommy Paul from the USA! 

Answers to common questions parents ask when considering tennis for their child: 

Q: What are the best ages for kids to start? 

A: Younger can be better as skills can be absorbed easier, but tennis can be learned at any age and played for a lifetime. Our program starts at age 5, but kids can start at any age! 

Q: What is an ideal ratio of instructor to child in a class at the beginner level? 

A: 6 players to 1 teaching pro is industry standard. 

Q: How are classes/sessions divided? Age, skill level or both? 

A: Age and skill are used to divide classes and groupings at a beginner level. When playing at higher levels, it is mainly based on skills. 

Q: How long does it typically take to get the hang of tennis? 

A: Understanding how to serve, rally and score are the main components. That will take a few classes to understand and then it’s about sharpening your skills along the way.

Q: What are the primary benefits of kids learning to play tennis?

A: Team work, patience, accountability, confidence, mental toughness, exercise! 

Q: What are some unexpected benefits? 

A: Problem solving skills, time management, making friends in a sport you can play all your life. 

Q: What is your best piece of advice for families whose child wants to get started in tennis? 

A: It takes time to master – have fun learning all the pieces to the game. Also, make it a family sport! 

Q: What is something unique that sets Frog Hollow apart? 

A: Our pro staff and facility are the best in the area, and we work with all levels and ages of players. 


For more information on tennis lessons, camps and more, contact Frog Hollow Racquet Club. For an expanded listing of tennis facilities see our directory

Photos provided by Frog Hollow Racquet Club.